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transparent border

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I'm very new in Paint.net and my little problem is, that I want to have an transparent border.

My whole background is black. I have placed an white rectangle on it like this:


Now I want that the border fade from black to transparent...

(Hopefully you understand my english... :oops: )

Could you give me a hint?

Thanks, Alex

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Hi Alex, if you want it to gradually fade, use the magic wand tool ( :MagicWandTool: ) to select the black border, then click the gradiant tool ( :GradientTool: ). Now choose the style of gradiant, i would say your best bet would be a circular one ( :RadialGradient: ). Now you change the box that looks like this : :AllColorChannels: , to this: :AlphaChannel: simply by clicking it.

Now you are all set, just left click the center of the image and gradually drag your mouse to the outer parts, this will make your boarder gradually fade.

If you want the whole border to be nearly transparent just lower the transparency by double clicking the layer and setting it to a lower setting*

*the boarder would need to be on a different layer

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Thanks for that!

But I'm sure if you understand me right... or if I understand you right... :oops:

I try to expain what I want again...

There should be no border visible. In the middle of the black background I have an rectangularly area which is transparent.

The red border should become the transparent border. The outside of the red border should be black and fade to transparent... Does it make sense to you?


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So your looking for something like this?


(the white being transparent)

To do this:

1) Fill canvas black

2) Draw a white rounded rectangle, filled ( :ShapeInterior: )

3) Use the magic wand tool to delete the white area ( :MagicWandTool: )

4) Run a blur, i personally used gaussian blur+ at around 22

Hope this helps?

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