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Can we do curve text or vector image with paint.net

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I have two question for you i dunno if it already exist?

I was woundering if we can do curvi text or arch text (if you know what i mean?) and can we do vector whit it??

since english is not my main language sorry for the bad spelling.

best regards



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you will need to explain more because i don't quite understand what you are after

sorry ok i try again what i want to know is, is there a way to do curve text with paint (check the photo i ad as exemple)

and can we do a vector from an image also with paint.net




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You need to edit your thread title. Go read the rules, please (especially #6). If the thread title is not cleared up I'll have to lock it.

I edit it dunno if it's ok with you???? since your the head developer maybe you can answer my question ?

is it possible to do the image text curvi (like the picture i put above) with paint.net and if we can do vector of an image??

thanks again.



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