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What have you done to Dents?!

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I just started P.N up this morning to do some texturing. The plugin I use the most doing this is Dents, so before long I pick that out of the menu... only to find that an utterly sterilized version, that doesn't come anywhere near the usefulness of the original, has been crammed in place of the plugin version. To top this off, Plugin Load Errors says that the original, superior version wasn't loaded because P.N already has a Dents effect.

I'm going back to the old P.N right now, but... why? What's the point of preventing someone from using a plugin just because there's already an effect of that name? Especially when the existing one is outclassed by orders of magnitude by the original? What was the motivation for destroying everything that made that plugin good, anyway?

A note on the side: You plan on updating the effect emoticons? :AllColorChannels:, :AddNewLayer:, and :AntiAliasingOn: are kind of outclassed, aren't they?

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Ed Harvey's plugins are frequently absorbed into Paint.NET, sometimes at the cost of some functionality. He does, however, maintain an archive of the original versions of the effects. If Paint.NET's version of Dents doesn't have all the features of the original, there's a good chance Ed will update his version to work in Paint.NET 3.5 and put it in the archive. Paint.NET 3.5 is still in pre-release Beta form, though, so if there's anything you actually need Paint.NET for, you should be using 3.36.

i think you should try closing and re-opening Paint.NET or if that doesn't work try a computer reboot

What does that have to do with... anything?


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Wow. Complain complain complain complain complain.

Complain complain complain dents complain complain BMW complain complain...

Seriously though, there are fewer sliders, yes, but I can still achieve the desired effect. Do you really use stretch and those other things?

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I probably shouldn't really comment as I'm still using the old version of paint.net (not the beta) but CommanderSozo's comment peaked my interest.

when I use dents plugin (not that often) but when I do I generally always adjust the stretch, and turbulance etc.

it will probably take awhile for me to work around those items if they are missing from this new paint.net version of dents, but I'm sure a combination of another plugin or two will cover it.

ciao OMA

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