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pasting image to another image

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Help! I have been trying to figure out how to take one image and past it to another so that it looks like one image. Please if someone can tell me how to do it that would be great. I have done the arithometic (sp) but can't resize the one photo I want to resize. How can I do that?


Tammy :?

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I'm not clear on what you need help with, if you can post a screenshot it will help.

If you need to cut out part of an image to put in another:

<!-- m -->http://www.isimonbrown.co.uk/cutting-out-images.htm<!-- m -->


If you need to adjust an already cut out image to fit in dimensionally

with a different background image, then with the smaller image on a new

transparent layer select around it with :RectangleSelectTool:

Then with the Shift key held down, click on a corner node with :MoveTool:

and drag in or out, to make it smaller or bigger.

Then release the corner node and click inside the selection with :MoveTool:

and drag the selection to where you want it. Merge layers.

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