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Pixel Competition - Results!


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And the winner is...!

First off, well done to all participants. I am sorry to say that no votes were recieved for Axle or Onemorelevel, but both their entries were just as good.

In joint second, we have me and flip! I recieved one vote from theonlychad, and flip recieved one from an anonymous voter.

That means, with an astounding 5 votes, the winner is LFC4EVER! He recieved votes from Simon Brown, Wilson, topHATslash and two anonymous voters.

Congratulations to everyone, but a special congratulation to LFC4EVER, as you get this: 1.png Stick it on your sig, your av, or don't wear it at all! Do whatever you like with it. :)

As for the others, we get this, to show we participated: participant.png

All of you, have a ice day, and keep pixeling! A new competition will be posted shortly.

Voting Guidelines

To vote, PM me in this format by the 24th of October:

"Who you vote for:

Why you vote for them:

Would you like people to know you voted for them?"

And then, the results will be posted, with everyone's votes recorded and displayed, and for people who answered yes to the final question, it will display who voted for whom. This way, we can all be very nosy.


kairosfinal.png From Rubrica

pixelbuilding2.png From LFC4EVER

officek.png From Axle

rhfjdjejdn.png From Flip

rhfjdjejdu.png From Onemorelevel

Deadline: 17th October

Right! Now, this is just an experimental concept, but we've decided that as the pixel art base are belong to lots more people (:D) we'd try a contest. But for a contest, you need a theme. So, what's the theme?


A nice, easy and general theme to start us off with. So, get pixeling!


- Entries made before the contest are allowed, only if they were made a maximum of one month before, to keep your skills around the same as they are now. As well, if it has been entered into any Paint.NET forum contest before, it cannot enter this contest. Finally, it is encouraged that you make some slight modifications.

- Images must be no larger than 630x360, no smaller than 150x200.

- Only one entry per person.

- Layers are allowed.

- Partial and full transparency is allowed (though I kind of frown on it)

- Any inspiration and stock (not that you're likely to be using stock images) must be linked to or otherwise given credit.

- MS Paint may be used, since their's not really too much difference in this art style.



A pixel art tutorial.

Making cubes.

Making buildings.

Some examples of pixel art, made by forum members.

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Haha Pixel Art is making a come-back. Can't wait 'til the entries are up. *prepares pencil tool* This is gonna be awesome if we have a month!


Should we include our Pallette with our finished image?


Previously dgirl555, but now you can call me epic

Oh, and I really like airbrushing photos

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This is awesome, I'll get working on mine right away.

Some rules and guidelines would be fine, I don't want to start a debate or anything but I think using layers should be allowed.

Although, wouldn't this belong in the GD&Q with the other competitions? o:

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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Well cause pixel art doesn't really differ from one program to the other, you click the pencil tool and draw. Plus I was really proud of it and wanted to show it off so there :P

From the pixel image umbrella. So yes.

Eight update (technically ninth) coming right up. :D

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