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If I would have gotten a penny for everything I've overlooked, I'd be very very rich by now :)! When I was taking my advanced vb .net class the errors I would get on our last project would be, well, sort of stupid and were easy to pin down. We had to set a variable to the value of another. Say x = y, and I should have had y = x. I fixed the problem and recompiled 10 minutes before I had to turn the project in. What took me 2 weeks to code, came down to 1 line of code! But, the night before I spent hours trying to track down the problem. I was bald for a while after that ordeal :). I'm getting ready to take a C# class, so that was one reason to look at the source. However, I would have liked it to be commented better. It does seem to be straightforward, for the most part, as far as trying to determine what code does what.

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