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Sharp's Line sig Tutorial


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This is a new one I made, it's kind of big, designed for a 1080p (1980x1080) screen.

Hidden Content:

I hope you like it :D

Oh, and on the glow layers I set the property to overlay, so now it seems to actually glow rather than just add a white "haze" or something :)


If your parents never had any children, then you probably won't either.

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Step 2: Setting Up Your Background.

Start with your default canvas, and paint it black. Add a new layer, and set the secondary color to transparent. Now pick the lighter, or less dominant color, and set the to the primary color, and change the value to 100, if it's not there already. Draw a radial gradient from one of the corners. Add a new layer, and lower the saturation to 30-50ish. Draw another radial gradient from the same corner, and lower the opacity of the layer. Now flatten, and add a new layer.



i want to make one of these for my background! (1920x1080)

But i fail while translating the tutorial intot german...

I dont know what to do from step two!

Default canvas, paint it black -> done!!

New layer, sencondary color changed to transparent -> done!!


Then picking the lighter or less dominant color?? What do u mean with the lighter or less dominant color?

I thought the lighter is this:


Then again set the primary color? I am addled....

I tried to draw some lines, but they doesent look that good than yours..

What do i have to do?? (I need help)

I hope u can help! :wink:

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Ok, so first change your secondary color, to white. Now use the gradient tool, and change it to :AlphaChannel: , and make sure it is a linear gradient, :LinearGradient: and draw a gradient from end to end. Now move the nubs to fade it how much you want, and right click if it is fading the wrong way. Now add a new layer, draw another line with the second color you chose at the beginning, and do it again. Merge this layer down.

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One I made in a few minutes using mainly green and blue and being lazier with the circles, using a different plugin for the gradient, and other stuff like that.


I also made this one, it took me longer, and is my new desktop background, I chose not to put in any dots...

Hidden Content:

The effect that can be made with this technique looks really good, well done.

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I must say this is an excellent tutorial.. Simple, yet effective.

I made it slightly differently from the tutorial's steps.. I think the outcome is pretty good.



Second attempt.. I think I like this one better.



Third attempt.. This time I rendered an army member and placed it in.

This sig was for my friend.


I dedicate my gfx life to proving that PDN can produce just as good results as Photoshop!

My friend, when showed these, did actually believe they were made in photoshop.

Just goes to show, PDN produces just as good, if not better results than Photoshop.

PDN ftw!

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