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Sharp's Line sig Tutorial


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Thanks for the great tutorial! This was the first thing I have made since I came back to paint.net. I hadn't done anything for almost 3 months and it feels good to be back. I lost all my old plug-ins though, have to download them again :( .

Here is my go at it...(it says Moh C)


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i know it's not that good,but i'm new ,so..

anyway,i don't know why it's so ,i don't know....so...not nice in the left side of the pic

I think you might have overdone the contrast in the corner. You can see too much white, but it is a nice try. Don't worry, you'll get a lot better. :D Just keep practicing. ;)

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right i just spent 4 hours trying to do this lol .. I really need sleep now .. but this is the finished result... to be honest I found mine a pain but thats because i kept flattening the layers so it was easier for me to see what was what .. later on found out i had to use the layers for the name part .. *head-desk moment* ..

Its a good tut .. Im just new to the program lol :D

Anyways heres my result..

Some of the others here are actually amazing O_O will have to have a play about :)


New here .. trying to learn how to use Paint.net .. any help would be great :D

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Woah dude amazing tutorial,really really cool~

That's my first time using Paint.Net,Nice Program + Your tutorial = Win

Thanks :mrgreen:

linefilldsign1stattpfin.png<-Seeking the tutorial


linefilldsign2finishedg.png<- Trying to remember how to do without the tutorial o-o

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