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Pixel art tutorials - New plant tutorial!


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Yes, but I think that was because that post was mainly for posting small sprites (about 32x32 and put together in a image or something like that)... or something that you don't need a line tool for.

imagine drawing a line across a paper. Would you use hundreds of dots just to draw it? or would you use a line?

Do you use dots EVER on a piece of paper? (Btw you can drag the pencil tool with arrow keys for horizontal/vertical lines)

That's what I mean. All you need to do is use the line tool. Why shold you need to use dots if the line tool is easier? (in the cases when you have to use a line)

Back to the topic, when are you (onemorelevel) going to make a new pixel art tutorial?


Using Paint.net for 5 months.

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