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Pixel art forum?

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Well, I would just like to know how many of you guys would like to have a pixel art forum. This isnt official of course, I am just wondering what the PdN community would like, and if we could persuade the mods to add a new pixel art tutorial sub forum.

If you vote, I would appreciate if you answered these:

Hidden Content:
Have you made any pixel art before?

Would you contribute with tutorials to the forum?

Your level at pixel art?(Newbie,Beginner,advanced,expert)

Additional comments(optional)

Pixel art resources and tutorials:




What is pixel art?

Hmm how to explain...

Pixel art is working at art at a small scale, the rules are simple:

You can only use the pencil tool, sometimes the fill bucket tool, but only for big pieces.

NO EFFECTS. This means no blurring, no line tool, no feathering, Nothing but the pencil tool.

An example of pixel art:


Generally you want your pixel art to look 3d, but it all depends on your style.

Before I finish writing this, I would like to repeat what I said:

I'm not saying we are going to have a new pixel art sub-forum in the tutorials, this is just a poll to see what you would like, because i would like to know, maybe if the majority of people vote yes, we could get a mod to think about it.

Also, I think this is the right part of the forum, its a discussion about paint.net and our forums, so move it if im wrong please.


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1) This isn't a useless poll, I would like to see the amount of people that would like it.

2) I know that, thats why I posted a link to it in my thread. Im talking about a tutorials subforum for it. You know, where they have creations, newbie playground,textures and stuff? They should have a pixel art one.

Although, if a moderator does think that its useless, ill remove it, I would like to see though. Anyways, what polls arent useless.

"Being calm can work wonders"


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We're not an art forum. We're a support forum with an art subforum. We don't need an entire subforum just for pixel art; there's already an image umbrella in the Pictorium, and it's only slightly larger than the Interfaces umbrella. Use that.

I believe I speak for Rick when I say: Not gonna happen. :-P


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Unless i'm misunderstanding you, the OP was requesting a Tutorials+ section for pixel art, rather than a root subforum. :?

Yeah. We were actually discussing in the Umbrella for a while about it. Pixel art is so much different than all the other subforums under the Tuts section...


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