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JPEG size unexpectedly high


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I hope I don't post a known issue:

When saving an image as a JPG file I tried to set the quality to 0. Of course the image was indistinguishable, but it was still a rather big file size. (11.6 KB, see attachment)

I compared the result with Photoshop 6. Saving the same image using the web optimization wizard (Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S) I got a better looking and smaller JPG (3.5 KB).

Have you got any idea what went wrong?

Kind regards,




Thank you for the music ... aaaeehm Paint.NET

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My SWAG would be meta data.

Try this test:

1) open the desired file.

2) Select all, copy

3) paste into a new window

4) save the new window with quality 0

This will remove almost all (if not all) meta data from the image.

What is the resulting size?

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