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Suggestions about the floating tool windows

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After my big mystake (i'm so confused), i hope will do this topic right.

I have some suggestions about the floating tool windows :

  • [*:ln3gvuyk]can we have one single key to hide all of floating tool windows (Tools, History, Layers, Colors) instead of 4 keys (F5, F6, F7, F8) ? because it's very usefull to bind this new key on the mouse for example to hide/show instantly.
    [*:ln3gvuyk]can we dock theses floating tools bars ? because, when i wanna select an area behind one of theses tool, i can't see :( even i choose translucent windows.
    [*:ln3gvuyk]can we move (with the key SPACE) any corner of the image on the middle of the screen ? because when we zoom in, we can't move farther than the image border.

Best regards and congrats for this awesome software

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Hello Millenius.

In order:


I have no reply for this, it is up to the developer, Rick, to decide either way. Suggestions were posted, as you know, in your previous topic to workaround this 'shortcoming'.


Read through a few of these results (obtained via Search): http://tinyurl.com/ycdcos6; in particular this one: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=30912


The Popular Feature Requests[/url] List":1z6sb8zp]Scrolling past the edge of the canvas when zoomed in -- Right now when you zoom in on the image, you can only scroll to the edge of the image. It can be inconvenient because then you have no space between the image and the scroll bars. Implementing this is dependent on some other "plumbing" work that should be done for the image canvas' rendering, and this will be taken into account when that work is being done. No ETA though.
Basically, it is coming, just that there is no word as to when.

Do these answer some of your requests?

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First at all, thanks for your answer.

1) I hope this feature will be updated :) i success to create an .exe to bind F5, F6, F7 and F8, but i can't start this executable with my 5th button on my mouse. I can use my Logitech G15 keyboard by the way :)

2) Thanks a lot ! It's not perfect, but the solution is working :)

3) ok, i will be patient.

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