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The Wikipedia Game Round 2 - "Jimi Hendrix" *New Rules*


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1st Round Paint.NET Winner: Cazaron idk if David cheated

2nd Round Jimi Hendrix

Ok, So i know this forum is already bloated with games and the like so if no-one plays then let it slide into the sea of off-topic threads. I made this game up then found out its already been done, luckily not on this forum.


To go from a random page in Wikipedia to a predetermined page in the least amount of link clicks and back buttons.

How to play.

1) Got to Wikipedia.org and go to a random article

2) From that page keep pressing links until you get to the Jimi Hendrix Wikipedia page.

NOTE: You MUST count how many links you click

3) Post your score plus the url of the page that Random Page took you too.


1) One link click = 1 point

2) One Go Back/Back Button or any button that takes to to a previous page on your webrowser = 2 points

3) The LESS points the better

4) The links you use MUST relate to the article, that means no just going to the Categories links


Random Page: Robert Wentworth Little

Score: 10

OPTIONAL: You can post your strategy if you like.

Some Tips

- ctrl+F is your friend! Finding something on a large page is made much easier with the find function.

- If you, like me, forget to count you can always open up your history and count, but it wont be accurate because of the back buttons and stuff.

- Be extra careful of which links you click. For example, something like coastal California and California can lead to different pages and stuff up your link count.

- Study the page.

- Have Fun!

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2 points. :-)

I was logged in. So I got Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges (?!), clicked my link in the top right, then clicked Paint.NET.

I win.

(I cheated)


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This looks like fun...

Top Hits > Special:Categories > Ph [show categories starting with Ph] > 500 [show 500 results per page] > Next 500 > Photo Software > Paint.NET

Yay! 7 points!

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