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Anti-aliasing disabled for good?

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I was just wondering if a feature could be enabled in the next build, if not in already.

Okay, so I mainly use the program to create/modify sprites. Anyways, I was wondering, since I turn it off EVERY TIME i log in... Is there a way to keep anti-aliasing disabled, because I hate having to go back in and disable it every single time... It won't stay disabled.

Thanks and hope anyone can help.

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Rings (Extra from Gem Tuts) as requested

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Post subject: Rings (Extra from Gem Tuts) as requested

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 1:40 am


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This Tut is extra bonus from Gem Tut V2 & Gem Tut V1.

And will help you make something like this.



Ok! Let's Start.

1. On 4 transparent layers using :EllipseTool: Ellipse Tool to draw outlines like in image below.

(Hint: Each Ellipse on a different layer, so you can Move and/or Scale easily).

Flatten Image (Hint: After flatten, you can adjust, move and/or scale the outline image as a whole)



2. Add new layer, & Move layer down, make shiny metal surface. There are many ways to do this.

I will use :ConicalGradient: Conical Gradient for the tut since it's fast and easy :)



3. Use Curves to give a better metal feel.



4. Use Magic Wand on the Outline layer, Then use Invert Selection, Now only the ring part is Active,

Go back to the Gradient layer and use Lens(A=100~150) repeat 1 more time if you feel there is a need to.



5. Again, using Magic Wand on outline layer to select as below image and go back to gradient layer.

And hit the delete button to erase the selection



6. Use the same method as above steps to select the inner part of the ring.

Use Brightness/Contrast(B=60,C=20) to make this part brighter.



7. Use Brightness/Contrast(B=-20,C=50) on the whole ring.



8. Uncheck or delete Outline layer as you shouldn't be needing it anymore.

Use Feather on Ring Layer, Add a background.



Done!! :)

Don't forget to put a Gemstone that you learned from My Gem Tut V2 & Gem Tut V1 on the ring. 8)

Ideas, questions & comments welcome.

Note: My image took more steps and adjustments, so keep trying!! :D

And Post your images!!!

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