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Check this out: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/InstallPlugins.html


If you have the Windows Store version of paint.net, see the second yellow box for instructions on how to configure the required folders.

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this circle text that is in my Paint.net is @dpy v1.4.4415.32488  THIS DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY WHEN DOING A circle text in an arch  like

( The Worlds Greatest Human Person) the program plugin will smash the front and back letters together and spend the middle letters apart. Is there a plugin that will space all letters correctly for paint.net? the front and back letters overlap and touch and the middle have uneven spaces between them. it won't let me load an image but I click the circletext option in text formation, then pick the font text the words pick the size change the Radius to put it near the edge of a circle, then change the Angle of arc to 200, the angle of start to -87. Thank you please help.

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