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how exactly do you create this kind of image

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http://images.apple.com/home/images/her ... 090909.jpg


i have asked this in another thread. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=31522


somebody posted a response. someone else also said i should not hijack someone elses thread. so i am recreating this one.

this was the response i got.

Take a screenshot of a window like the ones you see on the picture, then paste them into Paint.NET.

Duplicate the layer and go to the first layer ("Background"). Go to Layer -> Mirror vertical

Go back to your duplicated layer (The one which isn't mirrored vertically)

Open Rotate/Zoom (Ctrl+Shift+Z) and play around with the globe in upper left corner till it looks the way you want it. Press OK.

Go to your vertical mirrored layer and open Rotate/Zoom and press OK.

Now Use the gradient tool and make sure that the alpha channel option is set. Now make a gradient from the start of your vertical mirrored window and to about the half way down.

Image -> Flatten and you have your final result


my problem is that when i resize the screenshots, they get pixelized.

i want them to be as clear as possible like the sample.


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Hello, chavsraul.

Are you resizing up (making the image bigger) or down?

If you are making the image bigger, it will inevitably result in pixelation. If you are shrinking it, resizing down, you can sometimes get a pixelated image depending on which resampling method you choose: try 'best quality' if you aren't already doing so.

A before-and-after might help us.

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You might want to try starting on a large scale, not resizing the screenshots at all. When you are completely finished with the image and have done the rotate/zoom, then resize to a size you like. It will keep the integrity of the image better than a zoom on each screenshot individually.


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