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move/resize an imported PDN file within a PDN file?

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Bare with me people.

I have a file with many layers that I want to incorporate into another file (with many layers). I "import file from layer," the layer is highlighted upon it's arrival. I attempt to resize it and it resizes the whole thing. Attempt to move it only a layer moves.

How do I manage to make that "group" of imported layers in and of themselves (if possible)? I gave up on trying to resize it while it's imported (I've since resized it prior to importing the file) but even so I have difficulty dragging the imported PDN file into the space I want to within the other pdn file.

I understand I can turn it into a JPEG but I don't want the white space around it (not to mention it's a picture with a glow effect) that I have to get rid of frustratingly. Is there a way? I've been merging layers now but it's just ridiculous. That seems like the only decent idea I could come up with, though.

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I have a couple of recommendations. (No, you can't move more than one layer at once)

1. Flatten the file you want to import into a .PNG. You'll keep transparency, it's lossless, the whole nine yards. Just like if you merged all the layers and imported.

Or, if you still need individual layers...

2. Import as you have been, then move one of them using Shift+F7. Then, when you move to each other layer and hit Shift+F7, the move will be copied over and you can repeat it precisely.


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And if you just want to resize ONE layer, (or multiple layers) use Shift+Ctrl+Z and open Rotate/Zoom. Set the 'Zoom' to what you want and hit ok. Got to the next layer (when resizing multiple layers) and hit Shift+Ctrl+Z and the hit ok. Repeat on all of the sucessive layers you want to resize.

Hope that helps! :mrgreen:

EDIT: Oh and you can also do that for moving it with the 'Pan' option. You can also do the 'Roll/Rotate' Option or more than one option at a time. Great for consistency.


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