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[REQ] Border Blur?

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I've been thinking for awhile, wouldn't a plugin that found the edges of a picture, and blurs the edges be great? I mean, sometimes feather and anti-alias dont work, so how this would work is:

There would be a tolerance slider, that could go up to 255, and down to 128. and if you put it all the way up to 255, it would blur the edges of everything, up to the most opaque pixels, and if you put it to 128, it would blur all pixels under the 128 alpha value.

Would this be an easy plugin for someone to make? I mean, it would be a amazing addition to PdN.

Forgive me if there is already a plugin like this, I've searched to no Prevail.

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Try: Convolution Effect

You can specify your own convolution matrix and....

The more common usages are for sharpening, blurring, edge detection, and emboss.

I don't recall if it will work with alpha values though.

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