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Adjusting Selection Size w/ shortcut keys

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I am doing a lot of Re-sizing when I take screenshots, but as I have a widescreen here, my screenshots is too wide. So I have to create a selection :MoveSelectionTool: and drag the nubs to hit 800x800, so I then is able to re-size my picture down to 256x256. Sometimes I am having trouble getting a 800x800 selection exactly, so I was wondering if there were any shortcut key for adjusting the size of the selection exactly?


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Yes of course, but it will take some time if to press my way down to 800x800 from 1280x800 don't you think? :P

Ctrl + Arrow Key does 10 pixel steps.

Also, if you hold the arrow key down or keep pressing it quickly, it will increase the step size automatically.

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