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Neil Cassidy

Eigen Blur v1.3

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Hi everyone :)

Here's my first plug-in, an improved Gaussian blur effect which uses brand new convolution code. It's called Eigen Blur, because the other names were taken!

Coolest feature:

When you choose the same "radius" in this effect as in the Gaussian Blur effect, the amount of smoothing is precisely the same. But it uses a true Gaussian blur, avoiding artifacts. If you're working with a very large image, you can "preview" by using the much faster Gaussian Blur effect to determine what level of smoothing you want, and then apply Eigen Blur with the same "radius" for high-quality results.

Other features:

  • [*:2dzcj734] Running the effect leaves the overall brightness of the image unchanged.
    [*:2dzcj734] Option to reflect or wrap at edges (called "tileable", like True Blur).
    [*:2dzcj734] Option to blur RGB + Alpha, RGB only, or Alpha only (like Gaussian Blur+).

It's not perfect, though! It's slower than Gaussian Blur, Gaussian Blur+, and True Blur. There may be a few bugs. Please let me know if you spot anything that I could add or fix! Thanks to Rick Brewster, Tom Jackson, and BoltBait for their work on Paint.NET and Code Lab.

To install, unzip, and copy EigenBlur.dll into your Paint.NET "Effects" folder. For me, this is C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\.

Source and license (MIT) are now included in the .zip file.

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Awesome, I will try this out when I get back to my Paint.NET computer.

Any chance you could include some screenshots of this effect vs. the regular Gaussian blur?

Thanks for the effect!

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Thanks! Here's a demonstration of the difference between Gaussian Blur and Eigen Blur, on a simple test image. The white circle was on its own layer, and was not anti-aliased. I applied each blur to the circle itself, using a radius of 50, and then merged each down onto a copy of the background layer. The artifacts appear because Gaussian Blur's filter isn't rotationally symmetric. (Edit: made border transparent)


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