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I am leaving... but I shall return.


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You could have just asked a mod to change your name.
More than likely, it wouldn't have happened.

The policy stands that usernames can be changed only for users under one-hundred posts; if it's over that count, then only for a slight modification and for just cause (the examples being 'mike.ryan52' to 'Mike Ryan', and 'sabrown100' to 'Simon Brown').

Encouragement is not given for name-changing willy-nilly, so a new account would have been one of the two options open to KidBoy/Wilson - the other being to stand by 'KidBoy140'.

I must admit that, in my recent, lengthy absence - when the unofficial guidelines were draft - KidBoy/Wilson may well have requested such a change.

I do believe this was completely pointless...
Whilst I partially agree, equally so when a statement in his signature would have sufficed, this is a decent way to highlight the change in username. This topic will eventually become buried in the abyss of The Alfredo...
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