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Onemorelevel, be a little more helpful next time, or don't bother responding at all. Time should have no bearing on whether you assist or not.


1) it is designed to open your default e-mail application. Failing that, you can simply post here like you have done, or e-mail manually - as in, without the help of Help > Send Feedback. It might well be handy for it to automatically enter in login details, but what happens if you aren't connected to the Internet, or you aren't a member at the time of feedback?

Onemorelevel was correct in one regard, it doesn't take too much time to login to the Forum.

2) File > New; decide how large you want your canvas; select all (Ctrl + A) and hit the delete button on your keyboard. You can also use the Edit menu for the same commands. Admittedly, it's not as quick as having a transparent option in the New dialog, but it takes little time to work around that.

Or, you could create a new layer, then delete the 'Background' layer, as all new levels are default transparent.

Does this help you somewhat?

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