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Scaling Images, getting pixealation

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I have a game and it looks decent at 1024x768. In software though, I scale everything if it's a different resolution. For most things this looks ok; but for 1 pixel wide "borders", it pixelates badly.

This is a random image I got off the internet to use as example: http://www.gap-system.org/~history/Curv ... ircle1.gif

At 1024x768 it looks "ok". But since it's only 1 pixel wide, if I scale it to 800x600 or 1280x1024 it looks horrid.

What would I have to do to that image? I use paint.net. Is there a way to "anti-alias" it?

I tried blurring it and that looks better; but makes not clear enough and it's noticeable. One QA guys said it was all "smuggy". "You changed the pixels to smugs"

I basically want to go from this: :AntiAliasingOff: to this: :AntiAliasingOn:

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