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Ghost photo problem

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I'm very new to Paint.Net, and would like some help or suggestions. I have a photo of a woman ghost's face. The problem is the face is very small, and has to be zoomed and cropped. I've done this already, but I'm having trouble making the image better. Maybe it won't get any better, I don't know. It's very grainy and dark, and I've tried the brightness and contrast adjustments. I've also tried reducing the noise. The thing about it, these adjustment windows are directly over the face, so I have to guess what I'm doing, and then undo. Does anyone have any suggestions, of how to get a better image ? I don't really want to change the color to black and white, or sepia. Usually ghost photos are black and white, but this one is rare, it's in color. She has beautiful blond hair, and I'd like to keep it, if possible. I don't ask for much, do I ? lol

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Could you get the ghost to come back for another sitting? :)

Those adjustment windows can be moved, just click on the top frame and drag.

Maybe these links could help.

Links Removed.




If the ghost picture was taken with a digital camera, and is still in the camera

in its original form, it might be possible to extract it as a RAW file. This could

give you a lot more image data to work with.

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Enlarged photos just don't look very good. CSI has lied to you. There is no "Enhance" button, sorry. :-P


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