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*** Bend Solution/Plugin Needed

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I am often drawing maps of my track ideas and I recently thought of beginning doing that using Paint.NET. Unfortunately I have only found it possible to do maps with curves if I draw my maps black & white without any use of textures.


Above you can see/download a picture of how long I've come with my straight line. I have been trying a few plugins such as Bulge & Powerstretch, but the results didn't come along as I wanted them.


If there was a way to Bend the line a way so it ended up like above would make things easier for me and probably for other people too. An example of how that could look like will come up, if needed.

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I am still unsure if your getting it or not. I'll show you what I mean by theese 2 pictures:

Here is my test image which is an image of a tree in the middle of the jungle.


Now, I would like to bend this image 90 degrees to the right. Since the picture will become smaller because of canvas size I expanded the sides to the left and to the right (unfortunately forgot that at the bottom). Here is my result after "bending" it.


This is what the bending plugin can be used to mainly. It took me about 30 minutes to modify the picture to be bended using 7 layers, a calculator and Rotate/Zoom. Therefore I request a plugin to avoid the long time it takes if I wanted a 100% round bend for my image.

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The best result I can get using Power Stretch is this:


EDIT: I tried Polar Transformation, Curmudgeon, but the workaround won't give me precise result and a straight brush width yet.


I haven't succed yet in finding an effect which is faster and better compared to my manually 7-layered bend for my other example image, so I guess I am asking for some sort of plugin here. Posted another image below:


Multibend could be a suggestion too, so small distortions could be applied to the line without it changes width or gets stretched some way.

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