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Easiest way to turn an image into a stencil

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there's a plugin called the drop shadow effect plugin, you can duplicate the layer of the grass and use the drop shadow on the 2nd layer and un-check the box that says "keep original image" and it'll make a silloute. you can probly find the drop shadow effect in the plugin forums i hope that helped. :)

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It's not clear to me what you are trying to do, perhaps you could post some explanatory screenshots.

It sounds like you want to have text that is like letter-shaped holes in one image, allowing another

image to show through.

If this is what you want, put the letters on a new layer, and magic wand each letter while holding

down the Ctrl key. Then move to the image you want the 'holes' in, and press delete. An image

layer below this will show through.

If that's not it, then never mind. :)

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I have a picture of an lion and I want the lions silhouette (no borders, his silhouette completely) to consist of only the picture of grass. So I want a grass picture in the silhouette of this lion.

I did what you explained but to no avail. I think I'm doing it right. I'm gonna keep trying. All I ended up getting with the OUTLINE (a thing little line of the silhouette) embedded into the grass.

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Alternatively, You could mess with brightness contrast to get the lion to 100% black, then gaussian blur it a bit so the grass blends, add a white layer below it, flatten, then save as a .png and load as an alpha mask on the picture of the grass.

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