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[request] - please allow a software developer modules.

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Please add a new module like "New > dialog box > ask Developer modules or Database or Network or default"

Default: as it is all remain


Developer module:


1. List of predefine box, shapes, (class and objects design and drag able )

Database module:


1. List of SQL table and key structure ( fields connect and dragable)

Network module:


1. Static cisco or nortel boxes for making diagrams on final submit

Would be a great offer to developers too. I just kicking out photoshop and microsoft visio, looking forward on paint.net.

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Thank you, :oops: what i mean is my daily tools are:

1. notepad++

2. netbeans - database and code help

3. Paint microsoft - performance

4. photoshop - complex image

5. macromedia flash - animate

6. Networking draw - relations between

7. SIP phone - phone use

8. mysql prompt - relations check one by one

9. phpmyadmin - query test one by one

* all those crapes are open in my or others like me, in there taskbar, and its your daily work.

OR would it be not a best one that

1. Screen 1: i have notepad++ open, all editing source code etc etc

- http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/nl/site.htm

- notepad++ > plugin click > open paint.net

- notepad++ > plugin click > Anything

2. Screen 2: i have paint.net open, anything with presentation and view staff i am doing on it

- if i now want diagram i click my network modules in Paint.net

- if i now want from screen 1 source code and check database relations in screen 2, i click paint.net module

- Anything paint is paint.net in my screen 2, helps lot to think and work with on time

Result: All in one is something different then opening lot of tools. ( you can always say its an stupid and idiot idea, but by thinking positive way, it may helps many users in advance )

Thank you

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I'm not consolidating the Start menu and all of its applications into Paint.NET.

That's what the Start menu and the taskbar and Alt+Tab are for.

If your computer is slow, then upgrade it. If you're doing any kind of professional or for-profit/for-hire work, it is reasonable to spend money to save time. (That's exactly what whoever hired you is doing, in fact: paying you to save their time.)

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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