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Marble Tablet Tutorial

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

The Marble Tablet Tutorial, By Gazek

I was Aiming to make a carpet effect, and ended up making a marble tablet, so I decided to make a tutorial for it.


1. Open a new canvas, 800x600

2. Use Clouds, with your primary color black, Following the settings below.


3. Effects> Blurs> Fragment Blur; 23 (Count);78 (Distance); 165.53 (Rotation). You Should Have something along the lines Of this:


4. Effects> Blurs> Average Blur; 5

5. Repeat Step 4. (Ctrl+f)

6. Effects> Distort> Frosted Glass; 0.02, Maximum Scatter Radius ; 0.00, Minimum Scatter Radius ; 8, Smoothness

7. Make New Layer, And use clouds with the same settings as step 2, except the blend mode has to be Normal.

8. Change Layer opacity to 36 (F4). You Should Have something like this:


9. Repeat Step 4.

10. Now, Crop to your liking (Not to big)

11. Adjustments> Curves> RGB, Keep on tweaking it until you get a good color.

12. Merge Layer Down.

13. New Layer. Now, Press Ctrl+a.

14. Bevel Selection. Depth: 2. Highlight Color: White (255 for all). Shadow Color: Greyish (119 for All)

15. Layer Opacity. Change it to your liking.

16. On the bottom layer, use a motion blur. Distance 70; Angle 25.35

17. Merge Layer Down.


Add a new layer, and add text.

This is your Finished Product:


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Your images are way too big. Please resize them to a maximum width of 800px as per the tutorial guidelines (see yellow box above).

Otherwise I'll have to lock this tutorial.

Please don't do that. I'll have them resized to 800x500.


I've updated my images (Making them smaller). If there's anything else wrong, tell me.

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Amazing tutorial. I used it to make the dice in the following image:


The chips and cards were made using the Poker Chips + Playing Cards tutorial by 'cjmcguinness' and the reflections were made with the Water Reflections plugin with a Waves value of zero and varied Durations (I think this is the best way to make reflections)

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