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"the wire bullet" nice and a bit easy.


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


My first tut:

It was requested and the name wasn't my idea either.

We will be making this:


1. First make a new image of 500x150.

Make the background layer black an then create a new layer.

2. on the new layer use the grid/checkerboard maker on these settings: NOTE: make sure your brush width is at 2 and your colour palette looks like:vzwy92.png

vzkc34.png you also see what is supposed to come out.

3. Then you take the magic wand and put it at global, you then select the black(layer2) and delete it.(it might look like it is still there but that is the underlying layer.

4. Then you use shape3D at these settings:


lighting at default.

you will get this:



You can always toy with colours and lightening, if you play with the shape3D settings i recommend putting the :AntiAliasingOn: temporarily off.

WOW! i think i have a new avatar and sig every day! The above post may contain: junk, art, wrong spelling and a lot more!

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