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Splintered avatars/sigs tut


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Hello! I'm yy10.

Today, we'll be making a splintered avatar like these:


This technique also works for a sig, and this is pretty easy. But you will need the Splinter plug-in.

So let's start.

1. :AddNewLayer: we will start with a new image. with 98x98 pixels.

2. Let's add in a render. a good place to get renders from is Planet Renders. So I used this render.


Now we copy the render and paste it on the canvas. You should put the main aprt(or the head) in the middle of the canvas as to see it more clearly. This is what I did:


Now, let's remove that black background. We use the Magic Wand tool. :MagicWandTool:. We now select the black area, and we press delete on our keyboard. If it doesn't only select the background and the image also, we will set the tolerance lower. So now we get this.

tutscreen.png :arrow: tutscreen-1.png

3. Now add a new layer. :AddNewLayer: . Move it down the layer with the render. :Down:


On that layer, we will add a Mandelbrot Fractal. Effects>Render>Mandelbrot Fractal. Use these settings.


:DuplicateLayer: Duplicate the layer. Go to Layers>Flip Horizontal. :Horiz:

Make that layer Multiply by clicking F4.


Merge that layer down. You should only have 2 layers now. :MergeDown:

Go to Adjustments>Black and White. :BlackAndWhite:


Now, go to Effects>Blur>Splinter. Use these settings.


4. Go to the layer with the render and turn that layer's blending mode to Overlay by clicking on F4.

:DuplicateLayer: Duplicate that layer.

5. Add another layer. :AddNewLayer: Make a Effects>Render>Mandelbrot Fractal, with these settings.


Make this layer Black and White (Adjustments>Black and White)


Do an Effects>Blur>Splinter. Use these settings.


Make this layer Overlay by clicking on F4. It should now look like this.


6. Now you will see that some places are left white and that's a bit weird. So we add a new layer. :AddNewLayer:


Now we use the Paint brush tool :PaintBrushTool: , set the brush width to something about 15, and we brush the places with black that are weird with white.


Now we Effects>Blur>Gaussian Blur it. Set it to something of about 48. :GaussianBlur:


7. Now, let's flatten the image. (Layers>Flatten) :Flatten:

8. Let's add a border. I used DarkShock's AWESOME 6-Pixel Overlay Pattern Border. Instructions for that can be found here.


9. :AddNewLayer: Add another layer. Let's use the Paint Bucket tool now. :PaintBucketTool: We will set the fill to Narrow Horizontal.


Now fill the canvas up with it.

We will make this layer Overlay by clicking on F4. Let's make the transparency way low, like this.


10. Now we are almost done! Just the last step left. Let's Flatten this image first. We will be adding some colour. Now, I'm deciding to make this avatar red. So I used Adjustments>Curves and did this.



Adding the top splinter's direction(setp 5) depends on how your render looks like. For example, if it's this render:


We will make the Mandelbrot Fractal start from the right.(The dark part is on the right).

If it is a render like this:


we will make the Mandelbrot Fractal start from the left. (The dark part is on the left)

Now we are done! Enjoy your avatar!



sigs n stuff

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First outcome :lol::) ...

maybe rate it?

:arrow: tutavva.png

the tut is really good and really easy to follow :D outcomes is allso good.. i did a little twist with my result.. but i followed the tut the most of the time.. no holes i got to fill my self in the tut :D!!!

ill say the tut is 9.5/10 outcomes is 6/10

Working on a new signature

I need Inspiration

PM me if you are danish


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Um, do you know what renders are for? If you right click the image you copied and "Save Image As..." a png, it will take out the black for you. Anti-aliased and everything. :?

Anyway, nice tut.

¨.¨ didnt really know that xD thx flip


Eeeh YY10, freemason havent posted an outcome?

Working on a new signature

I need Inspiration

PM me if you are danish


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Axle, that simpsons one is too contrasted. You should add some white bits then probably gaussian blur it a bit. And Nemo, thanks. :P

Just a notice, this ain't the full tut. Some times you have to add some custom brushes. If the a part is too contrasted, you should probably flip the splinter layers horizontally or vertically. I know none of you will understand what I'm saying, I'm not good at explaining things. :mrgreen:


sigs n stuff

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