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Sunburst or Flashlight effect

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Can anyone point me out to a plugin for making a sunburst effect or flashlight effect where the color is highly concentrated in the center then starts to fade as you go out. Kinda like shining a flashlight through your fingers kind of effect. Different shapes would be nice too.

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Assuming you have the alpha mask plugin, you could add a new layer, fill with black, then add in your shape you want to be held in front of the flashlight in white. Then gaussian blur probably at a minimum of 30 px, then save this as a png and call it something like "alpha mask". Now undo till you get to your original image, set primary color as yellow/white, then secondary color to transparent in the "more" options, then draw a radial gradient from the center out. Now open the alpha mask plugin, and load your mask. Voila!

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