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mip maps

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i am using paint.net to create custom cars that i can race online for the game NASCAR 09.when i save my file it says that it has to be saved as a .dds file.when i save it as the .dds file and try to upload the files to the website it tells me that i cant generate mip maps.can anyone tell me what i can do to not generate these "mip maps" when i make these cars?any help would be great

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It isn't clear to me from your post whether the site you are uploading to

is saying your file has mipmaps and that's not allowed, or that you need to

be able to generate mipmaps but your file doesn't have them.

In any case, the save dialogue for dds in Paint.NET offers a checkbox to

choose mipmaps or not. Have you tried both save types on your upload site?

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