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Best way to clone or copy pixels across a single layer?

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I have a scattered spray of colored pixels that I want to cover my entire 2048 x 2048 pixel image (the colored pixels represent clumps of grass on a map).

I started by painting about 12 pixels in shades of the grass colors I wanted, at a transparency setting of 140, then I started using larger and larger clone stamps to expand my spray in an even, random-looking way, on a layer over the underlying terrain image.

But...my original colors of pixels seem to change as I stamp them! I can't seem to reproduce my original area (arrangement of pixels, original colors) with the stamp.

For example: I press CTRL+LMB to pick up the area, then LMB in the new area to paste the clone. But if I simply click the LMB, the original colors are greatly faded. Then if I drag the LMB, the colors darken (but too much). How do I simply stamp a cloned area exactly as it originally appeared? Are there settings to the clone stamp tool that force it to stamp "as is," and don't require dragging?

Is the clone stamp even the best way to apply my colored pixels across the map? Is there a better technique I'm missing?

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It doesn't make sense that your clone stamp is changing things. Can you post a screenshot of the changed pixels?


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I think the pixel colors change as I stamp them because of the "blending mode" of the Layer 2. The blending modes, no matter what setting they're on, change the pixel colors on the top layer in relation to the colors on the bottom layer. Isn't there just a way to shut the blending modes off entirely, so that what I stamp on the top layer remains the same and is not affected by whatever color lies beneath it?

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If your grassy pixel source is set to 140, the underlying image will show through and alter

their appearance. Using full opacity 255 will avoid that. Use Normal blend mode.

I've just noticed the thread title refers to single layer. Are you not stamping from one layer to another?

Where the clone stamp draws its image from follows along at a fixed distance and

angle to where you move the cursor.

Screenshots of everything would be helpful.

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