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Resizing multiple images (or an image folder) using vbs?


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I was suggested this application when it came to resize a set of images (for example a folder full of images) to a set size, using a script with say the following parameters:

imageResize.vbs c:\largePictures c:\resizedPictures 800x600

Is such a functionality present with paint.net?

If this post should have been in another forum, I apologize - I just didn't see any other fitting places to ask :)

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PDN can't do batch processing out-of-the-box, however there is a plugin called Scriptlab which is accompanied by its own batch processor:

As of July 4, 2008, ScriptLab comes with ScriptLab Batch Processor, which allows you to apply an SLS script to an unlimited number of images at once. To access it, click the Batch Processor button at the bottom of ScriptLab. if ScriptLab currently has a script loaded, that script will be loaded into Batch Processor. Otherwise, you will have to choose an existing SLS file.

This should fill your needs.

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