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Strange behavior of brush with transparent colors

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Hello! I am new to Paint.NET, so i am not sure if it is a feature of program I don't understand atm or a bug. When I try to use the brush tool with transparency < 200, I get such strange patterns with distance between circles depending on the mouse moving speed. An when i move the cursor really slow, I just get solid non-transparent color. IMO it makes the transparent brush totally unusable.

And yes, I understand that I can paint with non-transparent color on an empty layer with adjusted transparency. But I do not consider this a solution.


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Well right now, Paint.NET isn't great with using the paintbrush with semi-transparent colors. The easiest solution would be to paint on a seperate layer and adjusting from there. But if you really don't want to do that trying following this tutorial on how to fake soft brushes.

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