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Is it possible to create lense flare in paint.net?

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You can try using zoom blur deluxe. It can make explosion like things, and if used right it might be able to make lens flares.

Thats what in did with your planet tutorial :D, I was wondering if using a lense flare would be better ( you can see the picture in my gallery or your 100%PDN planet thread tut)

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I made one, you can see it in my gallery.


Make a ellipse selection, wherever you want to, but make sure you hold down shift.

Use outline selection, search it, you'll find it, its a plugin. With white/grey at about 10 or 7.

Guassian blur the selection, make sure its still selected.

Deselect, Ctrl-D, then use feather, or an other guassian blur at 1 or 2 px.

Adjust layer opacity.

Add new layer, repeat, with different size, different transparency, and different blurs.

You'll work something out ;)

Honestly, the lensflare wont do nearly as good as this.

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You could create a lens flare in PDN; it'd be quite difficult though. imo, the plugins available for a lens flare don't quite cut it yet. Just take a look here and try and create some of them in PDN if you're up for a challenge. Or you can just use 'em. :D

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