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How do i put "bumps" from a B&W image onto a color image?

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Well, i tried about 30 different Distortion Effects (including AD) and only two gave me the kind of effect i was looking for, Ripple & Drop Ripple, which gives a kind of "shadows" to the image, but all of them distorted the image edges a lot which is not desired.

I'm looking for a way to maybe "emboss" the bumps without losing the rainbow's edge geometry, or at least not too much. Maybe this is a shadow thing (guessing from the Ripple Effects i saw)? Is this called 2D or 2.5D "Bump Mapping"?


I found a picture of what i'd like to learn to do in PDN, seeing this can someone tell me the steps i need to take?

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Run Height Field to Normal Map on the B&w image to your liking. Make it black and white again. Then put this layer above the image you want to apply the bumps to. Set the blend mode to overlay. Lower opacity and mess with the brightness and contrast of the B&W image to get a result you like.

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