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Need to convert to a 1 bit depth, B&W TIFF file

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First post - love the program, its provided a great amount of help in launching my business.

I need to convert a PDN file to a 1-bit depth, B&W TIFF file. Can I do this natively within the program? I have managed to convert it with Paint but it wont hold the resolution I need.

There has to be a way to this within the program. TIA!

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Paint.NET only has a bare minimum level of support for TIFF images. 1-bit saving is not supported.

I was afraid that this was going to be the answer. I looked well within the program and couldn't find a way to do it - thanx for confirming it.

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If you are interested in converting to a TIFF file including a 1-bit or 8-bit TIFF file you could use RIP software to convert from a PDN file to a TIFF. If you are not using a file format that a RIP can natively process then you may have to print from the paint application (or another application that has the PDN file open) and then print directly to the RIP from the design application. A lot of RIPs including full resolution Harlequin RIPs include TIFF output capability so you can print directly to the RIP then output your TIFF file. You can find out more about Harlequin RIPs on the following page: http://www.rti-rips.com. There is also a good explanation of what RIPs (Raster Image Processors) can do in general at the following link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raster_image_processor

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Yup.  You're sane. That was a legacy of the forum migration a long time back.


Fixed with my Mod super powers :mrgreen:

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