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Person_321's texture and color plugins

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list of plugins

invert channels (found in adjustments)

inverts red,green,blue or alpha.

Rainbow loom (found in render)

creates a texture that look like a loom(I think)

Sound wave (found in render)

Renders another cool looking texture.

X rainbow bars (found in render)

renders horizontal rainbow bars.

and here's the zip of all of them and the codelab scripts

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Maybe you should add the way to find these plugins ...

For people like me, who have all plugins installed, it's quite hard to find a new one ... :oops:

  • [*:3kem559q] Invert Channels is in Adjustments
    [*:3kem559q] Rainbow Loom is in Effects/Render
    [*:3kem559q] X rainbow Bars is in Effects/Render

I just say that because it took me about 5 minutes to find those three ... :D

And maybe an image for each ... :roll:

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@Patarien: Although most of us would find them quite easily its true there should be a little guide to find them to save newer people a lot of time. Also there should be screenshots, otherwise who knows if the plugins could amount to anything decent?

Good point :wink:

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