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100% Paint.net Planet Tutorial


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Very nice tutorial. I dunno why I'd never thought of using the transparency gradiant thing or making the inner glow big and the outer one really tiny. It looks really great.

Anyway, here's my result:


Used my own texture, and threw in some more stuff as I went along. xD

The glowing dots on the planet are s'posed to look like cities.

"Sir, we're surrounded!" "Excellent, we can attack from any direction."

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I like the way you have re-jigged the tutorial. Nice one flip. ;)

Just one problem though. There is no need to add this part (highlighted in red) -

`Use the magic wand tool to select the OUTSIDE of your planet. Then, WITHOUT DE-SELECTING ANYTHING, make two new layers.

Select the top layer and INVERT THE SELECTION. (CONTROL + I) You should now have the outside of the planet selected. Fill the outside with the color you want your inner glow to be'.

As you have already selected the outside of your planet there is no need to invert the selection or you will end up with the wrong part selected.

Just thought I would mention it as it could be confusing to some people. The rest of the tut is top draw and really well done. ;)

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I'm liking the new texture. nice work! I'll have to try a few things with this some time...

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While there are a bunch of planet tutorials out there, I think this one delivers the best results. Nice work, Flip! Here's something I made a while ago using this tutorial, combined with some other effects I learned along the way (everything is 100% Paint .NET). The planet is based on the planet Hillys from the game Beyond Good & Evil:


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Great and awesome tutorial. The displacement plug-in on the clouds created a moon-like texture. This texture can be tweaked for something different.

Required plug-ins for this

Sepia 2 and/or colour filter

1. Finish making the planet.

2a. Run Sepia 2 at any setting you like on the planet layer. The advantage Sepia 2 has over the normal Sepia plug-in is that you can vary the shades of brown. Certain settings can make the texture resemble the surface of the planet Mercury.


2b. Run colour filter at any setting you wish on the planet layer. Keep the filter density high for a complete, high saturated colouring. You can change the moon-like planet into a wasteland planet by giving a high density of red colour filter. Use a medium-high density amount if you don't want the planet to be dark but still have plenty of colour. A low amount, adds a tinge of a low-saturation colour. Use a medium amount if you want a 'go-between.' Set the 'preserve highlights' settings to zero.

3. If you made an atmosphere, follow these steps to recolour it. Run sepia 2 at a low setting or run colour filter with a low to medium density. Set preserve highlights to something between 0 and 130.

4. There you go.

Here is a suggestions for the planet, see attachment for more.

Colour filter hue to red, density high to get a nuclear wasteland or wartorn planet. Or a reddish-planet.

Also try setting the colour hue to 'flip', the density to 'great tutorial' and give it a colour filter and/or a Brightness/Contrast (or H&S) touch-up to get any of these stunning results.


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I really learned a great deal from this tutorial. Enjoyed it very much. Here's something I had some fun making. I call it Planet Oatmeal because I used a picture I took of boiling oatmeal to make the planet template. Added some color and the rest was learning your method of adding the glows and the gradient. Awesome tutorial, I'll keep working on it. Thanks!

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