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100% Paint.net Planet Tutorial


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@Trinitym: The texture is nice, but the planet is transparent. Here's how you fix this: first make sure your planet is all there and not transparent at any part. Then duplicate the planet layer and go to Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and turn the lightness all the way down so you get a black circle. Then use outline object so there's none of the planet left. THEN you use the transparent gradient. If you have any questions or need me to explain it more, just ask. :)

@Servant_Of_Thor: Okay.

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Subject: 100% PDN Planet Tutorial v2!

here is my go ,i like it. I think it is too big :cry: to post so, there is a link.


just a little help for posting large images here.

when you get your photo bucket image use the directlink and folow this code.


if you look closely in there i put a th_ before the file name with .jpg after it. What that does is makes it a clickable thumbnail to the direct image. it will look exactly like this


this save storage space on your photobucket because you don't have to upload two different sizes of the same image to make a clickable thumbnail.


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Awesome tutorial, your outcomes look great.

Here's what I came up with after like 10 minutes, anyone know how to soften the edges of the planet, they look really ragged and unfinished?



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When you use shape3D, make sure the anti-aliasing checkbox is is checked. If that doesn't help, use Boltbait's feather plugin:http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22819

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