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100% Paint.net Planet Tutorial


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That is a really nice tutorial :D

but i am facing some difficulties despite that... i really dont get how to make the inner and outer glow on the planet

you mentioned to blur the inner layer but i really want to know what kind of blur and to which part of the picture because when i do the blur and then delete the selection nothing happens ( it doesnt get that good inner glow) :(


and sry if this isnt where you post questions

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ah! thnx that made more sense. i guess i was getting confused with what i select and maybe there made my mistake.

yet... i still couldnt get throught the full tutorial (i never really follow tutorials to the end because i dont get similar results) so i tweeked it (like i always do with other tutorials) and this is what i got :Down:

i just messed with the layer options and the color thin

Really a brilliant tutorial


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I tried this and here is my result -


I had some trouble with the glow part. For some reason I didn't really understand it, but I think I was having several stupid moments. I shall have another go later and see if I can do any better.

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