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100% Paint.net Planet Tutorial


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Texture Tutorial II

Hidden Content:
1. Clouds, sorta-ish full roughness, displacement. (Same as first couple steps of normal texture.)


2. New layer.

3. Clouds at black and white. Same roughness. Displacement: Less that normal. (Don't morph it so much that it looks like nothing.)


4. Set black and white layer to overlay and duplicate layer. Blur the top layer. (I also lowered the saturation a little.)


Yeah, it was a quick tutorial, but it's pretty simple I think.

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really cool Tutorial. I'm going to have a solar system when I'm done wit these. :D (minus one of my planets... It exploded :oops: )

Midgetalien, I really like your planet! I like the colors you chose, and the texture, the effect was, the 3D looks real, and good melding of two+ tutorials (with the rings & stars.)

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love the tutorial, been trying it out myself iv got the 3d shape thingy but cant get the displacement, also how do u go about getting the layers to look like they do in your img, im finding it slightly hard,

iv got the black background iv chosen my colors for the first layer and then the dark grey n light grey for the second layer, but with the fourth layer im finding it really hard to make the layer image to look like a circle like you have gotten it, and i havn't got the displacement thingy that works, iv got one but doesnt work well, well hardly work at all.

if someone could help me out slightly would be great thank you

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