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A good drop plug in

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There isn't any plugin that does blood splatters, but you could try using brushes. :)

dA search

Also, this tutorial will help you, as you need to export the brushes as .png to use them with Simon Brown's Custom Brushes Mini plugin.

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This is exactly the kind of stuff, i was talking, or bitching about in my post.

You have to keep looking around for add ons to make this Paint.net program work right.

I use to have an old car that was the same way, you would have to go from junk yard to junk yard to find parts for it.

I finally woke up, and said this is stupid, and went out and bought a new car.

Paint.net is ok if you like tweeking, but believe time would be better spent with a new program, just for the fact you get more done.

I realize Paint.net is a free program, but i just want it to be better, because it has so much potential, to be something you got to have or a standard program for new computers.

But the way, do you know how to put a animated gif into a background image, cause that would be, so cool????????

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Plugins are what makes the program good. Adding in what you want, not adding in what you don't. Keeps things simple.

If you don't like the program, uninstall it. Easy as that. Stop complaining in our forum.


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