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Checkerboard Marks

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I just started using Paint and have a question already. When I erase, a checkerboard pattern is left on the space where I erased a mark. It is difficult to see if the mark has been erased so I have to save the document and then close it. When I open it again the checkerboard pattern is gone, but at times not all of the marks that I wanted to erase was removed. My question is where is the option to remove the checkerboard patter? I want to use the erase option and have the space that I erased blank.

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Paint.NET has online help documentation that covers this and many other basic concepts. You can access it by pressing [F1] in Paint.NET or selecting Help > Help Topics.

The page you're looking for is here:

http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/L ... Modes.html

That checkerboard pattern is the way the program indicates transparency - since computer monitors can't show "blank", a pattern is used to indicate areas of "blankness". If you save your image as a layered PDN or in a format that supports transparency like PNG, those areas will retain their transparency. If you save with a format that does not support transparency, such as JPG, those blank areas will revert to white.

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One thing you might try is to create a new layer, fill it with a color you aren't using (like pink), and move it below your working layer. That way, you can see exactly which pixels are transparent in your working layer (pink in this example). Just delete the pink layer before saving and you should be happy.

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