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Demension Line

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The Line tool should work for you, I suppose. Just hold down shift while you drag to get a perfectly 0, 45, or 90 degree line.

As far as judging distance goes, in the bottom left corner of the Paint.NET screen it tells you how many pixels you're stretching out your line - so if you already know the reference distance to another subject in the pic (like a standing 6' man) you can compare it.

I hope what I just said at least attempted to answer your question :)

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I figured out how to draw a line, size it and add arrows. Works great.

I figured out how to insert a text box and play with it.

I just can't get the text box to center and align with the arrow and over write it..

I use a lot of jpegs for instruction in a rebuilding operation to reference correct part deminsions.

It's the most common tool I used in any kind of drafting program.

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