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Pinhole effect help/Larger feather request

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i'm quite new to paint.net and i've been trying to figure out how to apply a pinhole effect for a while. i read a blog and i followed steps, however, this required using the feather tool, but the radius only goes up to 10.

for example, this is an image that i edited on gimp. the feather radius goes up to 100, but an even larger radius would be more useful.



after (applied b&w and added some grain, but the pinhole effect is clear anyway)


Is there a Pinhole plugin out there? or alternatively, is there such thing in Paint.NET for the feather radius to exceed at least 100? if not, i would like to request these.

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well, following a tutorial that i found on another website (is it against rules to post it?) i've found that the picture looks more realistic.

here's an example;

following tutorial (using feather (100 radius) and adjusting curves, done on Gimp)


vignette effect


i hope you can see what i mean, i'm not too good at explaining things.

also, i think a larger feather radius would come in handy in other situations. like working in high res where a radius of 10 might be too small.

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