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Random Sig Game


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For this game, you'll need an account at http://www.sxc.hu/. It's free to register.

This game helps stretch your creativity. Once you register at sxc.hu, you can go to the tabs near the top and click "Randomizer." The first pic that comes up, you have to make a sig out of it. You can add whatever you want to it, but you have to give a link to the picture. (Not the direct link, because non registered users can't see that.)

Have fun!

EDIT2: I guess I'll give an example.

Link to original stock


Yeah, is isn't the best, or even that good. But whatever it's just an example.

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anyone can make sigs and pics. the more experience you have the more impressive they will turn out. so if you never try, you never gain experience and therefore your knowledge does not increase.

heres mine. i though seeing as this is a family friendly forum not to do the first image that came up because it had nudity. so this is 2nd random image loaded.

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