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Flags crashing game...TC2M


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Love this app, very user friendly and powerful. Been using it several months for adding graphics to the game TC2M...no problems until I started designing flags. At first, the flags loaded and played nice. However lately, as I've added more flags, the game crashes after 9 mins. or so. Might be the game, not handling the load, but I suspect I'm not selecting the correct options when saving to DDS. I'm dealing with a transparent background...the MS error code notes the problem module as 'Flags' and 'Flag Mask'.

Any clues as to the problem? Photoshop built flags have no problems. Any way I can emulate photoshop conversion to DDS?

Here's the link to my game thread...

http://www.madminutegames.com/MadMinute ... hp?t=10491

BTW...I'm GrayGhost

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No pdncrash.log. I'm assuming this log is produced when the app crashes. Had one before with a bad plug in...texturize, or something to that affect. It's a MS error, and I can't find that 'temp' file stored under users/?. I run into a dead end...like the files hidden, with no 'show all files' option.

Thanks for your interest. I'll try to get more info to you about the error.

Read the thread about memory allocation with resizing. Possibly a clue there since I re size all my graphics for the game.

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