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Easy but very impressive Glass border!


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I get this border purely by chance but it looks very cool:

First get a image with no border:


Than add new layer and run the "Borders N' Shapes" Tool (optionally draw it manually)

Width: 1px

Color: #808080 (dark gray)


Now select anything except the gray border (magic wand single click in the middle), Add new layer and press STRG+F to run the Tool again.

Do the same on a third Layer:


Now you have 3 Layers with a 1px Border witch together sees like a 3px border ( :shock: )

Set the Mode of the Top Layer (with the innermost Border) to Multiply

Set the Mode of the Second Layer to Color Burn

And set the Third one to Refelct


Create a 4th Layer behind the "Reflect" layer and make a 4px Border with #808080

Run Gaussian Blur radius: 4

Set the Layer Mode to Additive


Thats all, easy and looks very well!

Hers a Sig with Ava:


(optimized for black Backgrounds...)

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Here's a Sig with Ava:


Who is the girl...? Is she from a game or something? Anyways, epic results. This can really go into depth, like an design over a logo or something. Works and is very easy to make such an effect :roll:

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I'm trying this tutorial but i'm stuck on the part where you click "STRG+F" to run tool again. What tool are we suppose to run again? The "magic wand"  or the "Border N Shape" . What is  STRG+F, Do you push the S-key /button/, T-key/button, R-key/button, and G-key/button at the same time and hold them down and then press F-key/button? I'm Lost. Lol.


Live Life, Love Life!

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